About Us 


Oxley Consultants is a US-based Limited Liability Company (LLC), founded my Mr. Roger Oxley in January 2004. The company is solely owned, and devoted to providing consultative engineering services and related engineering products, in Surveillance and Electronic Warfare (EW); to both industry and government in the greater Washington D.C. area.


Oxley Consultants has full spectrum expertise with microwave and millimeter-wave, microelectronic, and rapid prototyping of advanced direction finding and related technology. We strive to serve current and emerging markets and system applications in the commercial, scientific, and defense arenas.


Oxley Consultants as a small business primarily provides consultative services, but also offers prototyping and small-scale development and a limited software product line. Advanced research and development with volumetric direction finding technology is the cornerstone of our offerings.


Oxley Consultants Vision is to become the premier microwave, millimeter-wave technology company to provide innovative product solutions to communications and sensor industries.


Oxley Consultants Mission Statement:

  • To satisfy our customer's full expectations, performance, delivery, value, quality and service.

  • To employ superior technologies, advanced engineering and superior innovation.

  • Think-out-of-the-box and not be restrained by legacy or past solutions. What worked in the past may be insufficient for the future. 

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